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Bluetooth Positioning Beacon in Smart Commercial Solutions

As we know, Bluetooth positioning beacons are widely used in smart shopping malls.

What are the functions of location beacons in smart shopping malls?

1. LBS and navigation

a. Walking/Live Navigation

Walking navigation: Provide customers with accurate and reliable location services through low-power Bluetooth three-point positioning technology and complete information retrieval functions, and real-time broadcast route guidance brings customers a comfortable navigation experience. Service data technology provides customers with real scene navigation services. After synchronizing the real scene, a virtual sign guides the customer to the destination, which enhances the sense of interaction in the navigation while immersing the experience.

b. Nearby service

Based on the current location of the customer, recommend nearby places and facilities for the customer, help the customer to find it quickly, and save the customer's time and cost

c. Shared service

Support real-time positioning for multiple people to share, customers can invite friends, family members, etc. to enter the real-time sharing function, in which they can see each other's current location and exercise status; the sharing function can not only share POI location, current location, but also share this itinerary , increased customer interaction and mall exposure


2. Accurate promotion advertisement

a. Store promotion

On the homepage of the app and the special event page, the user will be shown the details of the preferential theme and store activities, the event posters will be displayed in a rolling manner, and the event list will be displayed in detail.

b. Reality Navigation Marketing Push

When a customer uses the live navigation to enter the activity triggering range that has been set in the background, the system will push the activity information and store location to the customer in the live navigation interface.

c. Character portrait matching push

Based on the collection and analysis of customer portraits of big data, when customers use the app, push marketing activities or on-site information that match their interests and preferences to customers

d. New/Sleeping Client Push

For new/sleeping users, the system pushes the preferential activities or information that are mainly promoted in the mall to them, and displays and pushes through various forms of activities, so as to drive the activity of new/sleeping users

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