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F-6988 Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Receiver Module Development Board-F-6988-D

F-6988-D is a test development board for BK3266 transmitter and receiver module F-6988, Bluetooth power amplifier board (dual 4O3W), support serial AT to change Bluetooth name, support serial AT command control, Bluetooth HFP, transmit audio and audio receive, key switch, neutral beep, etc.

Power on, the default transmission function, you can switch between transmission and reception by pressing the button

Instructions for use of audio transmitter:

1. Ensure that the slave is in the pairing state (requires the slave to have no pairing password)

2. After the transmitter module is powered on, press and hold the "PLY button" for 6 seconds until the indicator light flashes to start searching for the slave

3. After the pairing is successful, the indicator light of the transmitter module is always on

4. In the future, every time the power is turned on, the connection is normal, first power on the transmitter, and then power on the slave machine (requires the slave machine to have a power-on return function)

F-6988 Bluetooth Audio Transmission

F-6988 Bluetooth Audio Receiver


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