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What is CAN Bus?

Release date:2022-5-6 18:09:00

CAN is the abbreviation of Controller Area Network, which is an ISO international standardized serial communication protocol. In the automotive vehicle industry, various electronic control systems have been developed due to the requirements of vehicle safety, comfort, convenience, low power consumption, and low cost.

The data types and reliability requirements used in the communication between these electronic control systems are not the same, and there are many cases composed of multiple buses, and the number of wiring harnesses also increases with the composition. In order to meet the requirements of "appropriately reducing the number of wiring harnesses" and "high-speed data communication between a large number of data through multiple LANs", in 1986, the German electric company Bosch developed the CAN communication protocol for the automotive industry. After the introduction of this protocol, CAN has been standardized through ISO11898 and ISO11519, and it has become the standard protocol in the network control system of the automotive industry in Europe.

The characteristics of high performance and reliability of CAN are now recognized and widely used in industrial automation, marine, medical equipment, industrial equipment automation and other industries. CAN bus seems to be one of the hottest technologies in the field of automation today, and is known as the computer local area network in the field of automation. Its appearance provides a powerful technical support for the distributed control system to realize real-time and reliable data communication between nodes.

What are the advantages of CAN

CAN belongs to the category of field bus, it is a serial data communication network that effectively supports distributed control and real-time control. Compared with many distributed control systems based on R line based on RS-485, the distributed control system based on CAN bus has obvious advantages in the following aspects:

1.       The real-time data communication of each node between the network is strong

2.       The development cycle is shorter than others

3.       It is a communication protocol that has formed an international standard

What are the communication characteristics of CAN

CAN bus is a serial data communication protocol developed by German BOSCH in the early 1980s in order to solve the data exchange between many control and test systems in modern automobiles. A multi-master bus that uses fiber as a communication medium. The communication rate can be up to 1Mbps. It also has the following features:

1. It can complete the framing processing of communication data

The CAN bus communication interface integrates the physical layer and data link layer functions of the CAN protocol, which can complete the framing processing of communication data, including data bit filling, data block coding, cyclic redundancy check, priority discrimination, and so on.

2. In theory, the number of network nodes formed by CAN is unlimited.

3. It can realize free communication between nodes, and the network structure is very simple.

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