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What are the advantages of wireless gateway

Release date:2022-2-18 18:17:45

As the core of the intelligent sensor network, the wireless intelligent gateway has the functions of starting and managing the intelligent sensor network, coordinating the communication of the sensor nodes, realizing the functions of communication management, data acquisition, protocol conversion, data processing and forwarding, and building a more stable, more reliable and safer smart sensor network.


It is suitable for building a large-capacity intelligent sensor network, and is widely used in computer room, station power, environmental monitoring system, low-voltage power distribution monitoring system, power data monitoring system, factory machinery equipment, production line running status monitoring system, production information collection system Wireless monitoring and early warning. It has highly integrated wireless communication design capabilities, supports Wi-Fi, BLE communication type gateways, realizes flexible networking and remote control of equipment, etc.; and empowers single products with gateway capabilities to support sound and light scene panel gateways, router gateways, etc. The development and realization of products greatly expand the coverage of gateway capabilities.


Communication protocol

1. Support mainstream communication protocols including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth mesh, Zigbee, etc.;

2. Meet the full range of application scenarios such as indoor, outdoor, household, commercial, industrial, and urban.


Network configuration:

1. Support smartconfig one-click network configuration;

2. Support bluetooth network.


Secure encryption

1. Device-cloud-data full link encryption;

2. Local data storage encryption;

3. Provide privacy protection for smart home environment.


Wireless sensor network intelligent gateway has integrated acquisition, transmission, and control functions, and integrates protocol conversion capabilities, which can effectively reduce the operation and maintenance costs of multiple devices, and work stably and reliably. It is suitable for building large-capacity intelligent sensor networks, and is widely used in computer room, power station power, environmental monitoring system, low-voltage power distribution monitoring system, power data monitoring system, factory machinery equipment, production line running status monitoring system, production information collection system, etc. wireless monitoring and early warning.

The advantages of wireless smart gateways are as follows:


1. Collaborative network management: Based on the IoT edge intelligent core management device, as a proxy node role device, it is oriented to the WiFi+BLE target device group:


a). Target object management: as a collaborative agent node, establish a wireless IoT edge sub-domain for target object device management;


b). Collaborative matching management: Based on MP2MP collaborative matching, multiple gateway devices in the same domain have collaborative management to improve system stability;


c). Wireless mode management: support Bluetooth BLE multi-mode communication, such as Bluetooth beacon broadcast, scan monitoring, Mesh linkage, multi-point connection, proxy control, etc.;


d). Trigger response management: edge intelligent data processing and intelligent decision processing based on event triggering.


2. Remote data transmission: remote data connection and data upload, providing standard API, customized development for the industry:


a). Data transmission mode: support remote TCP query response, HTTP active data upload mode;


b). Real-time data upload: support current real-time monitoring data upload, event-triggered data storage, and historical record data upload;


c). Task execution processing: Receive group control data and configuration data from remote hosts, and quickly analyze and execute them.


d). Process status feedback: According to the current batch monitoring matching object equipment status changes and task process status, real-time active upload


3. Fast wireless networking: WiFi+BLE, wireless multi-mode fast networking, with good network stability and real-time response:


a). Batch connection to hotspots: Through the Bluetooth air interface, the smart gateway connects to nearby WiFi hotspots as specified by the mobile phone;


b). Fully automatic distribution network: fast and fully automatic matching between the intelligent gateway and the target device based on Bluetooth;


c). Device node management: Rapidly increase or decrease agent node devices, such as temporarily adding low-cost relay adapters, to solve the problem of on-site wireless signal coverage;


d). Dynamic object matching: The target object device and multiple intelligent gateways are matched and switched cooperatively.


4. Target object monitoring: high-efficiency Bluetooth scanning detection, real-time monitoring of target object device status


a). Object recognition filtering: Device name filtering conditions and object/event whitelists for dynamic object device recognition can be configured;


b). Object status monitoring: real-time monitoring/monitoring of the position and status changes of the object equipment, including two types of equipment such as matching objects and dynamic objects;


c). Linkage monitoring mode: Obtain the status information of the target device through the linkage relay device, and some target devices (such as light nodes) can also be used as low-cost relay devices;


d). Positioning monitoring base station: It can be used as a positioning or monitoring base station for the positioning and status monitoring of asset equipment (electrical equipment) in industrial sites.


5. Target object control: Based on a variety of communication and group control modes, for low-power objects, data communication and state control are performed on any grouped and multi-selected target device.


a). Fast synchronization triggering: for low-power target devices, by automatically establishing synchronization matching, fast triggering control based on concurrent data is realized;


b). Classified and efficient group control: including performing device status group control, scene linkage group control, and parameter configuration group control (such as dynamic Bluetooth beacon configuration, exception handling plan configuration) for specified (enumeration or multiple selection) devices;


c). Mode mechanism selection: intelligently select wireless trigger mode (such as simultaneous broadcast, multi-point connection, Mesh linkage, etc.) and group control mode mechanism (such as reservation group control, linkage group control, overlay control, etc.);


d). Mode parameter management: Based on the object state and scene requirements, manage the communication mode parameters of the low-power object device (such as planning, reservation, adjustment, etc.).

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