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Three Types of Bluetooth Module Solutions

Release date:2022-3-18 15:56:37

At present, there are mostly three types of Bluetooth module solutions on the market, including SoC Bluetooth module solutions, SOC Bluetooth+MCU solutions and Bluetooth host+controller separation solutions.


SOC Bluetooth module solution

SOC Bluetooth is generally a semi-open source protocol stack of semiconductor manufacturers. Based on a specific compiler, the Bluetooth protocol stack is directly programmed into the Bluetooth chip (such as CSR BC4/5, CSR8675, TI CC2640, NRF51xxx, NRF52xxx, Dialog DA14531). The architecture is as follows:

Such chips can generally be directly used as MCUs. These products are generally used in consumer electronics, with high integration, and can be used directly to adjust the parameters. The common ones are Bluetooth headsets. Generally, CSR chips before Bluetooth headsets (CSRBC5/8670 /8675) accounts for a large share. Now after CSR was merged by Qualcomm, QCC30xx and QCC51xx series came out. BLE smart devices also have unique solutions, similar to Nordic and TI CC2640, etc. Most of HYXKIOT's modules use this Bluetooth soc solution, including HY-MOD02, HY-BT102 and HY-BT301.


SOC Bluetooth+MCU solution

On the basis of the SOC module, through a specific interface (mostly UART), a custom command is sent to achieve the desired function, such as sending 0x01 to search for surrounding devices. Of course, such a simple command will not be defined in the product. Generally, command id + command len + command para data + command check sum should be added to realize the function

The architecture is as follows:

This part of the application is generally used for peripheral functions that are relatively complex and need to drive many peripherals, but this solution is generally used when the performance of the single-chip solution cannot be achieved.


Bluetooth host + controller solution

The Bluetooth host + controller solution can also be called RF module. This application is the most complex application of Bluetooth, and is suitable for use in situations where Bluetooth usage is more complex, such as car Bluetooth. Customers need to have many Bluetooth protocols, such as Bluetooth phone (HFP), Bluetooth audio (A2DP), Bluetooth music control (AVRCP), Bluetooth phone book (PBAP), Bluetooth SMS (MAP), BLE, HID, if you say the above, you can also If you use soc, then add Carplay IAP/IAP2 and Android Auto's RFCOMM BT. Basically, this solution is needed above.

Each architecture has its own advantages. Not every product needs to apply a certain architecture every week. There are many aspects that need to be considered, such as the cost of the project, the functional complexity of the project, the R&D market of the project, and the hardware performance of the project. consideration (rom, ram, codec, etc.).

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