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Three Technologies of IoT System

Release date:2022-6-10 1:20:16

We analyze an ordinary Internet of Things system from the perspective of information, and we can find that IoT system is a system that runs on information as a carrier. The Internet of Things system first collects information through information collection devices, and then transmits the collected information together through various communication technologies, and processes the information through computer technology to make decisions.

It is not difficult to find that the key components of IoT system are consistent with the three supporting technologies that constitute modern information technology - sensor technology, communication technology, and computer technology.

IoT system

The clear definition of the Internet of Things is still in dispute, but there is still an agreement on the three-layer construction of the Internet of Things. The following briefly analyzes the status and role of the three major modern information technologies from the three-layer construction of the Internet of Things.


Comprehensive perception - Sensor Technology

In real life, people can no longer imagine a world without sensors. If there is no temperature sensor in the air conditioner, no infrared sensor in the remote control, and no gravity sensor in the mobile phone, then life will make you crazy. Sensors can measure the relevant parameters of physical, chemical and biological substances, and their power is comparable to the human sense organs, eyes, ears, nose, nose and hands, which are called "electrical five senses". Because sensors can work in harsh environments, they play a huge role in industrial production and environmental monitoring. The role of the perception layer of the Internet of Things is to obtain information. Due to the wide variety of sensors, sensors are widely used in various fields such as industry, agriculture, commerce, transportation, environment, military, electrical appliances, etc. The basis of perception.


Reliable Transmission - Communication Technology

The development of communication technology to this day, I believe everyone has seen it, and it has truly changed the way people live and work. If a sensor is a "sensory organ", then communication technology is like a "nerve" that transmits information, enabling reliable transmission of information. The development of communication technology, especially wireless communication technology, provides a reliable transmission channel for the data generated by the perception layer of the Internet of Things. Therefore, the development of various related communication technologies such as Ethernet, mobile network, and wireless network provides a reliable transmission guarantee for the information transmission of IoT data. At present, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa, and RFID are the main force for wireless transmission of the Internet of Things.


Intelligent application - Computer Technology

The perception layer collects a large amount of diverse data, which needs to be processed accordingly in order to make intelligent decisions. Massive data storage and processing requires more advanced computer technology. In recent years, with the development and integration of different computing technologies, cloud computing is considered to be its biggest customer. Cloud computing technology provides a platform for the storage of massive data of the Internet of Things. In addition, the development of data mining technology and database technology provides the possibility for the processing and analysis of massive data.

The development of computer technology, especially computer software technology, is still the source of IoT wisdom.

The three-tier architecture of the Internet of Things is mainly based on three modern information support technologies. On the one hand, the Internet of Things is the product of the development and integration of modern information technologies. On the other hand, the introduction of the Internet of Things has accelerated the integration of different information technologies, making them connect with each other and weave into a dream network.

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