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Qualcomm aptX Lossless Audio Technology

Release date:2022-3-9 20:06:08

Qualcomm launched aptX™ Lossless audio technology and bring it into the company's wide range of audio products.


What is aptX™ Lossless Audio Technology?

aptX Lossless is a new feature of the well-recognized aptX Adaptive technology and a new feature of Snapdragon Sound™, designed to deliver CD-quality 16-bit 44.1kHz lossless audio over Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Qualcomm has launched system-level audio solutions and optimized wireless connectivity and audio key technologies, including aptX Adaptive, which can work together to achieve automatic detection and sound quality improvement when users listen to lossless music under suitable RF conditions, resulting in a CD-quality lossless audio experience.


What are the features and specifications of aptX Lossless?

Supports 16-bit 44.1kHz CD quality lossless sound quality

Ability to upscale the transmission bitrate to CD quality lossless audio based on the quality of the Bluetooth link

User selectable 44.1kHz CD quality lossless audio or 24-bit 96kHz audio

Automatically detect lossless audio source files and play CD quality lossless audio

Bit by bit precision

1Mbps bit rate

aptX™ Lossless audio technology expands the bandwidth of Bluetooth transmission, and the transmission bit rate can reach 1Mbps, which is faster than that of Sony's LDAC. It can also adjust the transmission rate according to the external radio frequency of audio transmission, reducing the possibility of audio data loss during transmission. It can realize lossless audio Bluetooth transmission.

Lossless audio is very important for consumers to use wireless devices such as headphones to listen to music. Many manufacturers are studying how to achieve related technologies such as lossless audio transmission.

James Chapman, Qualcomm's Vice President and General Manager of Voice, Music and Wearables Business, said: "Qualcomm Technologies is looking forward to the future development of the audio field. We are working hard to help customers create a new level of excellent listening experience. Lossless audio means Bit-by-bit accurate and lossless audio files, the current Bluetooth technology is not yet able to support the bit rate required to transmit the above audio. Many leading music streaming service providers are launching massive lossless music libraries, and consumers demand for lossless audio. With each passing day, we are happy to announce a new level of CD-quality lossless audio streaming support for Bluetooth earbuds and headphones, and plan to provide this technology to customers later this year."

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