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New product introduction: Bluetooth temperature tag HY-TAH02

Release date:2022-3-29 22:05:03

With the wide application of Bluetooth IoT, there are more and more terminal networking devices, like Bluetooth temperature tag, compared to normal temperature tag, Bluetooth tag do not manual operation, independently realize temperature detection, real-time temperature record update, historical data storage, storage and temperature over-limit automatic alarm function, the results of the above process will be automatically reported to the host device (Bluetooth gateway or APP), also because of the above characteristics properties, as remote transport warehouses, moving objects, and continuous temperature monitoring of ambient temperature become convenient, no manual operation is required, the temperature data is completed by the network host in the whole process acquisition, according to the return information of the temperature label, extract the MAC of the terminal device and according to the MAC identifies the bound device information, then sends the collected temperature data to the device binding information to achieve the purpose of monitoring changes in current warehouses, objects, and ambient temperature.

Our HY-TAH02 is a Bluetooth 5.1 temperature beacon, based on Dialog DA14531, TX power is -19.5dBm to +2.5dBm, ultra-low power, 49*32*6mm small size, it’s a card beacon with temperature. The transmit range can up to 100 meters, with waterproof plastic package, support IP67 waterproof, battery life can up to 2 years, it’s also a portable BLE temperature sensor beacon.


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