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New Bluetooth Audio Technology: Auracast Broadcast

Release date:2022-7-8 4:45:27

The Bluetooth SIG announced the Auracast feature, an upcoming Bluetooth broadcast feature that it claims will drive a new wireless audio experience that will give users the ability to share audio with friends and family. The feature was previously known as Audio Sharing, and from now on, it will be called "Auracast Broadcast Audio".


According to reports, Auracast broadcast audio enables transmitters (such as smartphones, laptops, TVs, etc.) to broadcast audio to an unlimited number of nearby Bluetooth receivers (such as headphones, speakers or hearing aids). When users listen to music on their phone and earbuds, they can share it with friends or family via Auracast, so they can use Auracast-enabled headphones to listen to music together.

Auracast broadcast

Another great use for Auracast broadcast audio is the ability to listen to silent TV in public places such as airports, restaurants and waiting rooms. In addition, users can receive broadcasts from the public address system, which will be very useful when waiting at the airport. Users can receive important flight announcements such as gate changes, boarding schedules, etc. directly on their Bluetooth headsets.

Bluetooth Auracast

Advantages of Auracast Broadcast Audio

Advantages of Auracast Broadcast Audio

Enhanced/Assisted Listening:  

Auracast™ Broadcast Audio will provide an enhanced audio experience for venues deploying public address (PA) systems such as transit centers, lecture halls, conference centers, houses of worship, etc., allowing visitors to receive PA audio directly to themselves Auracast™-enabled Bluetooth headset or hearing device. When used in this way, Auracast™ broadcast audio will serve as a high-quality, low-cost next-generation hearing aid system (ALS), increasing accessibility and improving the visitor experience at your venue.


Multilingual Support:

Auracast™ broadcast audio is a safe, cost-effective and hygienic alternative to distributing infrared, FM or wired headsets to visitors requiring translation services. Using their own Auracast™-enabled Bluetooth earbuds or hearing aids, visitors can listen to the simultaneous interpretation service without any additional equipment or complex infrastructure.



 Auracast™ Broadcast Audio can also be an audio delivery system that improves the counter experience by facilitating 1:1 interaction between customers and staff.


Travel Systems: 

Auracast™ broadcast audio offers a relatively inexpensive, labor-saving and hygienic option for a more convenient, bring-your-own-device travel experience for travelers.


Silent Screens: 

From airports to restaurants to medical waiting areas, Auracast™ Broadcast Audio will unmute your TV for a complete entertainment experience and allow visitors to easily join your TV's audio broadcast using an Auracast™-enabled Bluetooth device.

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