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Main application of BLE beacon

Release date:2022-1-10 12:17:29

What is BLE beacon?

BLE Beacon is a communication device based on the bluetooth low energy broadcast protocol and compatible with Apple's ibeacon protocol. It is usually placed in a fixed location to continuously broadcast to the surroundings, but it cannot be connected to any low-power Bluetooth host. All broadcast data are arranged under specific rules.

This is an application case of proximity marketing. The deployed beacon broadcasts the ID number at a rate of approximately 10 times per second through the Bluetooth low energy channel. When a Bluetooth device (such as a smart phone) placed near the beacon receives this ID number, APP recognizes this ID number, and it links it to an operation. This operation can be a simple operation such as displaying marketing offers on a smartphone, or it can be a more complex task, such as downloading an APP.


What are application of BLE beacons?

1.       Indoor navigation: Sometimes, GPS indoor signals are very weak. BLE beacon network can be used for accurate positioning in indoor places such as shopping malls, museums, and airports.


Uses BLE beacon technology to guide and notify visitors


2.       Smart labels: It is especially popular in large retail stores.BLE beacons can replace traditional labels. The realization of smart label mechanisms can minimize the time and manpower required to update product prices and launch new offers.



3.       Asset management: Bluetooth beacons can be used to track and manage assets, such as placing asset tags on precious items. Customers can easily find their location through bluetooth network, or notify the security department when specific items are "moved".

4.       Medical care: BLE beacons can improve medical care by reducing patient waiting time and informing doctors of the patient’s medical history, including medications, medical equipment tracking (asset tracking), injection equipment, patches, etc.

The patient's important readings can be viewed and accessed remotely

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