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Introduction of Ultra-small Size BLE 5.1 module HY-MOD02

Release date:2022-3-8 21:39:28

HY-MOD02 is an ultra-low power consumption that supports the BLE 5.1 protocol. It adopted Dialog's DA14531 (2.2mm*3mm) chip as the core processorit is used to build the communication between the MCU serial port and the mobile APP.

HY-MDO02 adopts high-precision four-layer board design, leads out all user-available IO of DA14531, adopts ceramic antenna design, the module works in 2.4 GHz ISM Band, complies with BQB, FCC, CE, ROHS and other certification standards, with low power consumption and small size, long transmission range, strong anti-interference ability etc..

Features as follows:

BLE 5.1

Ultra small size

Support slave mode, broadcast mode, ibeacon mode

Support AT commands to read module information and modify module parameters



Bluetooth wireless data transmission, wireless data acquisition sensor

Bluetooth and RS232 (RS485) serial data communication

Bluetooth iBeacon

smart home

blood glucose meter, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor,

Low frequency physiotherapy equipment


Fitness equipment wireless meter reading

Industrial remote control

Battery Management System BMS

Car OBD, TBOX, ambient light

Bluetooth remote control/ remote control toys

Bluetooth alarm,

Bluetooth printer

Wireless Remote Control RGB Light

measuring instrument

electronic screen

wireless billboard


HY-MDO02 advantages:

1. Built-in BLE 5.1 protocol, it is a true Bluetooth 5.1 module.

2. The power consumption is very low. Under the condition of transmit power of 0dbm, the peak current of TX is only 3.5mA, and the current in sleep mode is only 270nA. When the transmit power is 0dbm and the broadcast interval is 1S, the broadcast power consumption is only 7uA, which will be the best choice for small portable Bluetooth products with strict power consumption requirements.

3. It’s a low cost Bluetooth module

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