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Indoor LBS Technology Introduction

Release date:2022-3-17 16:50:49

What is LBS technology?

LBS is Location Based Services, it includes two meanings: firstly, to determine the geographic location of the mobile device or user; secondly, to provide various information services related to the location. It refers to various service systems related to positioning, referred to as "location services", and another name is MPS-Mobile Position Services, also known as "mobile positioning services" systems. For example, find the current geographic location of the mobile phone user, and then search for the names and addresses of hotels, cinemas, libraries, gas stations, etc. within 1 km of the mobile phone user's current location within a range of 6,340 square kilometers in Shanghai. Therefore, LBS is to use the Internet or wireless network to complete the two functions of positioning and service between fixed users or mobile users.


What’s the difference between LBS and GPS?

LBS is indoor location, also known as geographic location service, determines the geographic location of mobile devices or users, and provides various location-related information services, such as finding hotels, cinemas, libraries, gas stations, etc. within 1 km of the user's current location, name and address.

GPS is outdoor location, also known as Global Positioning System, can observe 4 satellites simultaneously at any point on the earth at any time, so as to ensure that the satellites can collect the latitude, longitude and altitude of the observation point, so as to realize functions such as navigation, positioning and timing.


What are the application scenarios of LBS positioning technology?


What are hardware and software of LBS technology?

Devices of a complete Bluetooth indoor positioning system requires as follows:



Bluetooth Beacons – used to broadcast Bluetooth signals. Low cost, low power consumption, long working time, easy to deploy;

Bluetooth Gateway – is the management device that goes with the beacon. It is used to receive signals and connect to the background server;

Server – The backend server is conventional hardware, mainly hosting the management backend, as well as services such as map navigation.


Map engine - is the foundation of the software composition system;

Bluetooth Positioning Engine – Get real-time user location;

Background management system – mainly refers to the management background, which supports the visual management of information.


What are the applications of LBS?

1.  Passive positioning: active tag positioning

Active positioning tags are installed on personnel or materials to perform real-time and continuous positioning of the positions of personnel and objects, and display them on the map. You can view the real-time location, movement trajectory, current status and other information of people and objects. Fencing, real-time warning, data analysis and other management functions.

2.   Active positioning: mobile phone positioning

Users can independently open the mobile phone location-related APP and use indoor location navigation and other related services.


What are the advantages of LBS technology?

Indoor Navigation: It is convenient for staff to find the way and reach the designated place quickly;

Work scheduling: View staff distribution information, schedule nearby, and improve efficiency;

Personnel management: view the working position and trajectory of personnel, and manage personnel behavior;

Asset management: The location can be viewed in real time to prevent loss.

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