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HYXKIOT Mini Size Bluetooth Modules Introduction

Release date:2022-4-16 0:41:29

Some portable smart devices such as smart watch bracelets, electronic cigarettes, voice recorders, etc. pursue small size, so the smaller the size of the Bluetooth module, the better.

HYXKIOT is a Chinese Bluetooth module manufacturer, there are some small size modules to meet customer different applications, including BEKEN, Dialog, Nordic Nrf52832 and Chinese chipset. Following as our mini size Bluetooth module introduction:

F-6998is a Bluetooth 4.2 small size BT audio module, it adopts Beken chip BK3254X, the size is 13*13*2mm, this module is our old product, most customers use BK3266 F-6988 for replacement, it’s a cheap BT audio module.

HY-BC204 is a cheap BLE5.1 module, it based on Chinese brand chip, the size is 10mm*16mm*2mm, it supports both master-slave and multiple connections, Bluetooth SIG mesh also supported, class 2 transmit power, it suits for consumer electronics, health and medical devices, Scanner etc.

HY-MOD02 is a mini size BLE module, it’s our best seller BLE module, based on Dialog chip DA14531, super low power module, the size is 15.0*10.0*2.6mm, it’s also a long range BLE module, widely used in BLE beacon, Bluetooth gateway, Bluetooth printer and other smart Bluetooth device.

HY-KTB522/HY-KTB523are Nordic nRF52832 module, the difference is antenna, HY-KTB522 is PCB antenna module, HY-KTB523 need add external Antenna, the sizes are same, 17.4**13.7*1.9mm, applications include low power Sensors, low power beacons, access control etc.


HY-BT01S is a BLE 5.1 small size low cost module, based on Chinese chip, it’s master-slave module, also support multiple connections, the transmit distance up to 100 meters, it’s a cheap long range BLE module.

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