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How to set a communication between bluetooth module and MCU

Release date:2022-2-23 22:28:15

With the continuous development of Bluetooth technology in recent years, the transmission rate of Bluetooth has also been continuously improved under the condition of continuous reduction of power consumption, which makes the application range of Bluetooth wider.

How to set a communication between bluetooth module and MCU

Bluetooth module can transmit data through serial ports (SPI, IIC) and MCU control devices.

Bluetooth module can be used as both master and slave. The host is able to search for other Bluetooth modules and actively establish a connection, while the slave cannot actively establish a connection and can only wait for others to connect to itself.

But adjust which parameters and AT command, different Bluetooth modules manufacturers have different ways.

Following as the way of Shenzhen Huayang Xinke Electronics Co., Ltd’s HY-BT401 communicate with MCU .

The module HY-BT401 can transmit all data from the microcontroller MCU to the other end device through the BLE wireless channel. The other end device can be a smartphone (iOS/Android) or other BLE devices.

In this case, the HY-BT401 module is configured as a Bluetooth slave device, and the mobile phone is used as the master device. After the Bluetooth module and the mobile phone are successfully connected, the two-way data transparent transmission can be started.

The basic structure of the connection between the Bluetooth module and the microcontroller is as follows:

HY-BT401 is a Bluetooth 5.1 Low Energy module. It supports HID, GATT, ATT and other configuration files.It can be used for Bluetooth consumer electronics,such as automotive key,barcode scanner,smart lights etc. Samples available if you are interested.

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