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How to Select Bluetooth Module?

Release date:2022-1-13 20:34:23
In the era of the Internet of Things, more and more things will be connected to the Internet, and eventually, the connection to the main control terminal/cloud will be realized. Bluetooth is suitable for short-distance wireless communication and plays an important role in the field of the Internet of Things. xs
As one of the most important wireless communications, Bluetooth is powerful and popular, especially the advantages of low-power Bluetooth, low-cost, high reliability, and high security, making more and more IoT engineers Hand over the burden of data acquisition and transmission to Bluetooth low energy, especially favored by consumer electronics manufacturers and mobile application developers. In 2010, the annual shipment of Bluetooth data transmission equipment will reach 1.5 billion.

What is a Bluetooth module and what is the communication method?
Bluetooth module refers to the basic circuit set of chips integrated with Bluetooth function, which is used for short-distance 2.4G wireless communication module. For the end-user, the Bluetooth module is a semi-finished product. Through the process of functional redevelopment and encapsulation on the basis of the module, a product that can use bluetooth communication can be realized.

Before the connection is built, BLE devices can communicate by broadcasting and scanning. Once the connection is built, two parties can communicate through the client/server mode (a link-layer connection is established). Therefore, for BLE network, there are two communication methods: One is based on broadcast communication, and the other is based on connection communication. The simplest and most common communication method in the Bluetooth low energy module is throughput mode. Following as Shenzhen Huayang Xinke Electronics Co,, Ltd’s BLE modules:

How to select Bluetooth module?
1. Bluetooth version.
Bluetooth has gone through versions from 1.0 to 5.0, each version has different features, and its functions are constantly increasing and improving, including transmission speed, transmission distance, and communication mode. Our Bluetooth modules include Bluetooth 4.2,Bluetooth 5.0,Bluetooth 5.1,Bluetooth 5.2.
2. Power consumption
The reason why BLE module is very power efficient is that it has an ultra-low peak value and basically does not consume power in idle mode. Lower power consumption is also one of the standards pursued by manufacturers.
3. Interface
The interface of the Bluetooth module includes a serial interface (UART), digital IO port, USB interface, SPI programming port, and voice interface. Generally, for data transmission, the UART interface is enough.
4. Operating mode
When Bluetooth is working, it is divided into master and slave. A master can communicate with up to 7 slaves, but only point-to-point communication. Bluetooth Mesh can achieve multiple signal transmission modes, which can meet more connection requirements.
Broadcaster act as a server. So its purpose is to periodically transmit data to the device, but it does not support any incoming connections;
Observer: In this mode, the device can only monitor and read data sent by "broadcasts". In this case, the object cannot send any connection to the server; 
Master mode: in master mode, there is no broadcast, can scan surrounding broadcast devices, and can request a connection to the broadcast device. Be the master in the connection; 
Slave mode: the Bluetooth module in slave mode is also in the broadcast state, waiting to be scanned. But unlike the broadcast mode, the Bluetooth module in the slave mode can be connected and act as a slave during data transmission.
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