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How to Query Bluetooth iBeacon Information

Release date:2022-3-2 22:55:08

When we get a beacon, how to judge whether the bluetooth beacon is working normally? Usually, a beacon will have a general iBeacon broadcast setting when it leaves the factory. After powering the beacon, you can query the iBeacon broadcast information of the beacon. Then how to query the information of Bluetooth ibeacon?

If you don't know which APP the Bluetooth beacon uses for parameter setting, you can directly use the APP "nRF Connect" to query. Open the app, click "SCAN"

After searching for the corresponding Beacon, you can query the iBeacon information broadcast by the Beacon, including the device name, UUID, Major, Minor, and so on.

If you know the APP used by the Beacon, you can directly use the APP of the Beacon manufacturer to query.

Take HY-BC05L as an example, this beacon is Bluetooth 5.1 Beacon, use Dialog DA14531 chip, for the beacon programming, it could use Dialog APP “SmartConfig” 


1.      Install and open the APP, Click Setting Button, Open “Unknow” Button

2.    Back the Scan UI, Click the Beacon device could read and program the device parameter.

(Notice: The beacon case has the device Mac address, could according the beacon Mac address to find the device).



On the Setting UI, could read and change the beacon device parameter, include Advertising Interval, PASSWORD, TXPOWER, UUID, ect. After change the parameter, Click APPLY button will be fine.



To set the broadcast interval, the maximum and minimum values of the broadcast interval should be changed to the same value. When changing from the original value to a smaller value, first change the minimum value, and then change the maximum value; When the broadcast interval is changed to 1600 (that is, 1000ms), the minimum value of the broadcast interval must be changed first, and then the maximum value of the broadcast interval must be changed. Then press the APPLY button for the smallest face. Conversely, when changing from the original value to a larger value, change the maximum value first and then the minimum value. Setting the link interval value is the same as the broadcast interval method. Also note that the values with and without units are not the same.

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