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How Long Will The Battery of a Bluetooth Beacon Work?

Release date:2022-4-14 23:51:49

Many Bluetooth beacons adopt ER14250 lithium sub-battery. For Bluetooth beacons, an important parameter that users care about is how long the battery can continue to work.

1.  What’s the effect of Broadcast Interval on power Consumption.

Under same other conditions, the broadcast interval is adjusted from 500ms to 100ms, and the average current is increased from 28uA to 126uA.

2.  What’s the effect of transmit power on power consumption

Under the same other conditions, the transmit power is adjusted from 0dBm to 4dBm, and the average current is increased from 28uA to 36uA

3.  What’s the difference between using DC/DC and LDO

Under the same conditions, the average current is 28uA when LDO is used, and the average current is reduced to 18uA when DC/DC is used.

4.  What is the impact on power consumption of whether or not it can be connected?

Under the same other conditions, the average current in non-connectable mode is 28uA; in connectable mode, the average current increases to 37uA.

5.  What are the effects of transmitting TX payload (Byte) on power consumption

Under the same other conditions, the average current is 28uA when the Payload is 16Byte; the average current is 36uA when the Payload is 31Byte.

6.  What are the effects of using an external clock on power consumption?

Under the condition that other conditions remain unchanged, the average working current is 27uA when the external clock is used; the average working current is 28uA when the internal RC clock is used.

7.  What are the effects of battery self-discharge on work life?

Following as the advantages of the ER14250 battery:

a.  The working voltage of ER14250 is stable and safe, and the working voltage is usually between 3.3~3.6V

b.  The specific energy of ER14250 is as high as 620wh/kg, which is the highest among all kinds of chemical batteries

c.   Long storage life, the annual self-discharge rate at 25 is less than 1%

d.   Long working time

e.   The adaptable temperature range is very wide, normally -55~+85

f.    Good sealing, no leakage

The self-discharge of ER14250 is as follows:

When the temperature is 23±2, the annual self-discharge rate is lower than 1%; high temperature will affect the self-discharge rate of the battery, which is calculated as a 1% increase in the self-discharge rate for every 10 increase. If you want to calculate carefully, you should also combine the weather temperature of the application city to count the weather conditions higher than 30 degrees Celsius. If it is used for outdoor scenes, you should also consider the temperature generated by the sun shining on the wall and the surface. The general situation is When the temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the ground or wall, the surface of the object is 1.5 or 2 times the value for reference.


If the temperature is 30 degrees and the wall temperature is 1.5 times, then the calculated temperature is 45 degrees, and if it exceeds 25 degrees by 20 degrees, the self-discharge rate is 2% higher than that at room temperature, so the self-discharge rate is calculated as 3%.

The battery life of HYXKIOT’s HY-KTB801 and HY-KTB801E can be up to 9 years, many users like Nordic beacon, these two BLE beacons are based on Nordic nRF52810, it work as indoor beacon, asset tag, indoor location system etc.

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