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Five Bluetooth Debug Methods

Release date:2022-3-16 23:39:28

Generally, there are several ways to debug Bluetooth

1) Directly analyze the debug log, that is, print the log. This is the simplest and most rude way. Generally, this way is used for program debugging. This way is very helpful for logic errors and execution processes, but it is very helpful for those who do not understand the protocol stack. For people, direct printing can sometimes be difficult to locate specific problems with Bluetooth.

2) Btsnoop debugs the Bluetooth protocol stack, which uses software to write a file according to a specific format to see the entire Bluetooth interaction process.

3) Directly record HCI log, the difference from Btsnoop debugging Bluetooth protocol stack is that Btsnoop debugging Bluetooth protocol stack is to generate files through software, and this method is to collect the sending and receiving data between the Bluetooth chip and the protocol stack through specific tools + software, the opening effect is similar to Btsnoop, but more meaningful. Commonly used hci log tools are frontline and ellisys are very expensive

4) Recording airlog, that is, air packets to capture the Bluetooth interaction process between the local chip and the remote chip, is also viewed with specific tools and software. The commonly used ones are also ellisys and frontline. Traditional Bluetooth is generally more expensive, but low Power consumption Bluetooth has more options, and the price is relatively cheap.

5) Capture chip log, such as TI has TI logger, CSR has spi interface to capture the corresponding chip log

Summary: The above five methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and different debug methods are used for specific problems.

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