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The most common communication method of Bluetooth -Throughput

Release date:2022-1-21 18:57:54

The simplest and most common communication method in the Bluetooth low energy module is Throughput. Throughput is also called serial port transparent transmission, which means transparent transmission. Throughput is a working method, not a function, and generally appears in the serial port module (the Bluetooth serial port transparent transmission module is to allow users to better develop Bluetooth wireless transmission. products, and do not need to care about how the Bluetooth protocol stack is implemented). The specific working mechanism of the serial port module is that it does not do any processing on the data to be transmitted by the MCU, and does not need to add any protocol by itself.


1. This process data does not need to be processed

2. No data loss

3. Two-way transmission

4. There is no protocol encapsulation for transparently transmitted data packets, and you can control the size of the data packets by yourself.

5. No need to understand the complex Bluetooth underlying protocol, just a few simple steps to set up Bluetooth transparent transmission


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