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CC6100A F-6991A in Meituan Smart Helmet Solution

Release date:2022-4-14 18:26:13

In order to more comprehensively take care of the actual needs and complex scenarios of food delivery riders, Meituan has launched a smart helmet.

For smart configuration, Meituan smart safety helmet has a built-in Bluetooth module CC6100A module, which can be wirelessly connected to the rider's mobile phone. The rider can confirm the order, answer or reject the call by clicking or pressing and holding for 3 seconds. Among them, the Bluetooth headset is an external stereo, which is not tired after wearing it for a long time; the microphone has the function of wind noise suppression to ensure smooth communication.

The features of Meituan smart helmet based on our CC6100A module F-6991A as follows:

1.       Compatible with classic Bluetooth

2.       Connect with mobile phone APP via SPP/BLE

3.       Connect to APP for voice interaction

4.       Offline voice answer/hang up calls

5.       Noise reduction function to remove wind noise while riding

6.       LED direction turn signal, various turning effects, running water/double flashing/stop, the customer can set the brightness/turn signal effect in the APP

7.       Caller number, it can report the name of the address book when there is a call, for example: so-and-so is calling


The Bluetooth module core technology as follows:

1.       DSP integrates voice wake-up algorithm, ultra-low power consumption, real-time monitoring of user voice, elimination of environmental noise signals, and analysis of voice keywords

2.       APP voice interaction, convenient navigation, answering calls, real-time voice interactive control, freeing hands, let riders to ride safely without distraction

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