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Bluetooth Technology in OBD Ⅱ

Release date:2022-6-14 3:58:17

In recent years, the Internet of Vehicles technology has developed rapidly. Concepts and equipment such as car wearable devices and OBDⅡin-vehicle terminals are gradually accepted and used by the public. While enjoying driving fun, people begin to pay more attention to vehicle fuel consumption and vehicle health status. Wait for the car information. With the help of the mobile Internet network, the vehicle OBD intelligent terminal equipment can meet the needs of the owner to control the vehicle information in real time.

bluetooth obd

The car detection Bluetooth OBDⅡapplication adopts the service of hardware plus software. It is necessary to plug a hardware module into the vehicle OBDⅡinterface and install the car detection application software to realize the vehicle physical examination. The APP software on the mobile phone or professional equipment is connected to the OBD hardware device through Bluetooth, which can read the fuel supply system, lubrication system, cooling system, point system, starting system and gearbox system of the car, and generate a copy that can also be viewed by ordinary car owners. Understandable "fuel consumption management", "real-time vehicle condition", "driving record", "physical examination report", etc., provide first-hand information on vehicle maintenance and remote diagnosis, and can also save the previous conditions of the vehicle through the Internet system of the display terminal. Stored in the cloud, when the vehicle breaks down, the APP can also use the push method to remind the car owner. Use push notifications to describe basic questions like why your car's "failure lights" are on.

The Bluetooth vehicle OBDⅡterminal device can analyze the real-time data of the vehicle bus and transmit it to mobile devices such as smart phones through Bluetooth, so as to realize the real-time diagnosis and analysis of vehicle faults, and cooperate with the mobile device client to realize the collection and analysis of vehicle driving data. The wireless firmware upgrade of the terminal proposes a Bluetooth over-the-air application programming upgrade scheme based on the Bluetooth SPP protocol and implements it in the OBD terminal, and develops a supporting Android APP to realize the wireless over-the-air communication of the designed OBD terminal under the control of the Android mobile phone APP. Firmware upgrade.


Currently, HYXKIOT has a Bluetooth 5.0 Module HY-BT102, it could support OBDⅡapplication, this module support BLE and SPP dual mode, could meet different data transmission.

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