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Bluetooth Technology in New Energy Vehicles

Release date:2022-3-21 16:58:29

The market for new energy vehicles is growing rapidly, and vehicle intelligence is a major selling point. Bluetooth connection is widely used in new energy vehicles, like car key, OBD, TMPS, car audio etc.

The following as the application cases of HYXKIOT's Bluetooth module:

1. Bluetooth keyless entry

The Bluetooth keyless smart entry and start solution for new energy vehicles, HYXKIOT make the communication verification directly with the Bluetooth of the car via mobile phone Bluetooth connection, so that the mobile phone can control the car. When the owner holds the mobile phone close to the car sensing area, the vehicle will be automatically unlocked, click the one-button start switch and step on the brake to switch the vehicle power state to realize the vehicle start; when the owner leaves the vehicle a certain distance, the vehicle will automatically lock.

Open the door and start the vehicle through the mobile phone, so that the car owner can take one less car key to go out, and the car owner does not need to open the mobile APP during the whole process, and can enter and start the car without feeling. In addition, the mobile phone virtual car key also brings other benefits, such as the sharing of keys, and the need to change the lock if the key is lost.


2. Bluetooth RGB ambient light

The Bluetooth car ambient light solution, after establishing a Bluetooth connection with the LED light strip through the mobile phone APP, users can adjust the color of the car ambient light through the APP installed on the mobile phone according to their own preferences. The light strip can also move according to the rhythm of the music.


3. Bluetooth smart cushion

Babisit, an intelligent car seat for children, uses Bluetooth positioning technology to prevent adults from missing children in the car and prevent children from suffocating in the car.

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