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Bluetooth Technology in Healthcare Application

Release date:2022-3-30 16:30:11

The foundation and core of digital health are everyone's health data, and almost all medical devices that record health data are equipped with Bluetooth as standard. Most portable smart medical devices and wearable devices use bluetooth communication to use big data to collect various health data and various vital signs indicators in databases and health files, and then use wearable devices to monitor blood pressure and heart rate in time. Other vital signs indicators, timely health reminders.

What are the main applications of Bluetooth technology in the digital health industry?

1. Hospital

Many medical devices come standard with Bluetooth, with blood glucose monitors being the most widely used example.

An important breakthrough in large-scale real-time continuous blood glucose monitoring is reflected in the Bluetooth revolution. In the traditional impression, Bluetooth is mainly used in the personal consumer market, such as Bluetooth headsets, etc., and there are relatively few enterprise-level applications. Large-scale real-time dynamic blood glucose monitoring, Bluetooth can roam, locate, and also support edge computing. The entire solution is safe, reliable, flexible and easy to use, with strong scalability and high-cost performance, which is high real-time, high reliability and high scalability. The adoption of Bluetooth IoT in the digital healthcare industry has paved the way.

2. Home health instruments

The application of bluetooth technology in the home - a six-minute walk monitoring and evaluation system. A six-minute walk can reflect a patient's exercise capacity, cardiorespiratory fitness, skeletal muscle function, nutritional level, and more. It is an internationally accepted evaluation system. In the hospital, the 6-minute walk test often requires the patient to walk as fast as possible in a straight corridor, and the monitoring personnel will tell the time every 2 minutes, and record the patient's possible discomfort such as shortness of breath and chest pain.

How do I record data from the 6-minute walk test at home or when left unattended? This can also be done using Bluetooth. The 6-minute walk test supports the patient to complete the self-help at home. There is no shortage of important vital data such as ECG monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, sleep monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, blood sugar monitoring, and body fat scale.

The 6-minute walk test system combines medical-grade intelligent sensing equipment, Bluetooth Internet of Things, data visualization, cloud computing and other technologies with the traditional six-minute walk process to collect comprehensive and complete vital signs data of the human body system in real time during exercise. The high-level intelligent algorithm platform will deeply mine and analyze the data to form medical-level evaluation reports and rehabilitation exercise prescriptions that can be used to evaluate the human lung, cardiovascular system, systemic circulation, peripheral circulation, blood, neuromuscular unit and muscle metabolism.


3. Sports fitness

The concept of digital health is bigger than digital medicine, which also means that this industry can extend from medical treatment to sports fitness and health management. Emerging nursing robots, blood lipid detectors, mobile otoscopes, health bracelets, smart sleep systems, skin sensors, etc. are all products of this trend, and they also support Bluetooth without exception.

Taking the sports management system for physical education as an example, by using Bluetooth-based smart clothing, chest straps, wrist straps, etc. as the collection terminal, during the exercise process, the heart rate characteristics of each student will be monitored in real time by the wristband and sent back to the terminal system. Teachers only need to carry a Pad to grasp the exercise data of each student in real time. According to these data, different classroom contents can be arranged according to the physical state of the students in time to scientifically ensure the health and safety of the students. With the help of advanced Bluetooth technology, sports projects not only achieve "health management", such as reducing sports injuries, preventing children from exercising excessively when they are overtired, hungry, fever, etc., can target congenital heart disease, potential cardiovascular disease Or other diseases that may require exercise restrictions to carry out personalized exercise policies; it also realizes exercise effect management, such as collecting students' physical education class data through exercise data, visual teaching, exercise data analysis, home-school interaction and other application scenarios to solve traditional physical education teaching. "Difficult to quantify, difficult to record, difficult to supervise, and difficult to analyze".

The application of the Bluetooth bracelet frees physical education teachers, parents, and students from relying on mobile phones, and no longer needs to be equipped with mobile phones to transmit data, freeing the bracelet from the mobile phone and giving the bracelet a wider application space. This smart bracelet system in physical education class is not only suitable for schools, but also for physical training bases, youth sports centers, etc.


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