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Bluetooth Technology in Electronic Fence Solution

Release date:2022-7-19 5:44:11

with the emergence of the shared bicycle, the traditional travel field was instantly subverted. However, while it brings convenience to people's life, it also incurs some disadvantages. When "parking and freeing" lacks management, it becomes random parking, which not only brings a lot of inconvenience to others, but also brings great trouble to city managers and shared bicycle operators. In order to further improve the parking order of shared bicycles, Bluetooth electronic fence technology has become a feasible solution. The Bluetooth electronic fence technology is based on the positioning, broadcasting and transmission functions of Bluetooth to realize vehicle entry management and vehicle local statistics.

What is a Bluetooth Electronic Fence

Bluetooth electronic fence refers to the platform planning to set up a certain area, allowing and regulating shared bicycles to park in this area, and placing Bluetooth beacon devices in this area, it can detect shared bicycles with Bluetooth installed within a radius of 50 meters. If the vehicle is parked outside the specified area or drives outside the area, the system will generate a series of alarm notifications, and the manager can check and know the dynamics of the relevant vehicle in time, and take corresponding measures to deal with it. The public electronic fence realizes data interaction through Bluetooth, its signal and data coverage accuracy can reach sub-meter level, the management is accurate to the vehicle, and it can be compatible with the standardized parking of shared bicycles of different brands.

The shared bicycle Bluetooth electronic fence solution is based on the integration of bicycle sensing, electronic fence sensing, ultra-long battery life and other technologies, through Bluetooth wireless broadcasting, positioning and transmission services, on the premise of ensuring the node's ultra-long battery life. The reliable electronic fence service realizes the interconnection of shared bicycles, bicycle parking points, and operation service platforms, and effectively solves the difficult problem of urban management caused by the disorderly development of Internet shared bicycles.


What are the implementation types of electronic fence technology?

There are three main types of technical implementation methods for electronic fences:

1. Electronic fences based on satellite positioning technology (GPS).

2. Use the car lock Bluetooth reading and writing device to read the electronic fence of the Bluetooth tag installed at the parking spot

3. The user's mobile phone bluetooth reads the electronic fence of the bluetooth electronic tag of the parking point and the car bluetooth tag.

The first and second types of technologies rely on satellite positioning technology and the Bluetooth device on the car lock respectively, which are relatively invisible in sight. The third type of installation and deployment is very convenient, which is convenient for mass and rapid promotion and deployment. At the same time, the Bluetooth electronic fence can also collect the number of bicycles parked in the vicinity of the fence, and open the platform data to management departments and shared bicycle operators, to achieve total balance and scheduling control through data sharing. In China, all shared bicycles that support Bluetooth modules can be connected with the fence technology. Major bike-sharing brands such as Meituan, Hello, Qingju, and Didi, which are common in the market, can park their bikes in the public electronic fence area.

electronic fence

What is the future development trend of electronic fences?

Regarding how to manage the random parking of shared bicycles, the government vigorously promotes electronic fences for Bluetooth routes. At present, the electronic fence based on pure GPS positioning is common on the market, but it is not as high as the Bluetooth solution in terms of accuracy and stability. Electronic fence systems will dominate in the future.

Bluetooth electronic fence will turn shared bicycles into "pileless public bicycles", which can technically meet the use of various shared bicycle companies, facilitate the government's implementation of quantity management and enterprise regulation, and improve the applicability of parking lots and improve user experience.

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