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Bluetooth technology helps the arrival of the “metaverse”

Release date:2022-1-12 19:36:52
Back in July 2021, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced his vision for a virtual world, then Facebook's first "Metaverse" product appeared — a digital conferencing app that lets users live in VR. meeting in the environment.

What is Metaverse?
Metaverse is to use headphones and eyepieces, link to the computer through data, and in this way enter a virtual space that is simulated by the computer and parallel to reality.

You can think of a metaverse as a dream, a dream constructed by a computer to be very real and very lucid, influenced by the subjective will of people. In this dream, you can create an avatar, all behaviors of the avatar are under your command, and you can deeply experience all the senses of the avatar.

VR technology is one of the most important technologies for the formation of a stable and reliable visual interface in the Metaverse. It is the crystallization of the rapid development of scientific fields such as computer software and hardware technology, sensing technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, and behavioral psychology. It mainly relies on the development of key technologies such as 3D real-time graphic display, 3D positioning and tracking, tactile and olfactory sensing technology, artificial intelligence technology, high-speed computing and parallel computing technology, and human behavior research.

With the development of virtual reality technology, the real realization of virtual reality will cause great changes in human life and development. People wear special sensing devices such as stereo glasses and data gloves, and face a three-dimensional simulated reality, they seem to be in a sensory world with three-dimensional vision, hearing, touch, and even smell, and people can communicate with this environment through human beings. natural skills and the corresponding facilities for information interaction.

At present, VR technology is in a breakthrough stage of upgrading from a single point to a system, from the local area to infinite. VR hardware is the carrier that enables the virtual space of the metaverse to be "visible", and what makes the virtual space concrete is the immersive, ultra-high-definition VR content. VR and ultra-high-definition are a wonderful combination. The higher the clarity of the video content and the more realistic the color reproduction in the VR glasses, the stronger the immersion, and the better the experience in the metaverse.

As a wireless connection method for the Internet of Everything, Bluetooth Low Energy is a personal area network technology designed and sold by Bluetooth SIG. Compared with classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy technology aims to significantly reduce power consumption and cost while maintaining the same communication range. Due to low power consumption, it is often used in various common wearable devices and IoT devices. The coin cell battery can be used for months to years, is small in size, low in cost, and compatible with most existing mobile phones, tablets, and computers.
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