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Bluetooth Technology for Pet Market

Release date:2022-7-15 5:44:57

According to a research report by Global Market Insights Inc, the pet tech market is expected to exceed $20 billion by 2028.

bluetooth technology for pet

The pet technology market is driven by the growing demand for pet safety devices that identify and track their activity and location. Use Bluetooth-based pet technology as it allows a seamless connection between the smartphone and the base station, which connects to the pet to keep it safe. Pet technology provides real-time monitoring over a strong cellular network if a pet becomes detached from its owner and moves out of a smartphone's Bluetooth range. Advances in real-time location and the development of map portals are driving the demand for pet tech devices for security purposes. The smart technology device integrates 4G LTE network connectivity and Bluetooth for high reliability.

Some of the key findings of the Pet Technology Market report are as follows:

The growing popularity of IoT devices is providing a boost to the pet technology market as it simplifies the process of collecting pets’ vital signs and location details. IoT communications primarily connect pet tech devices with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It sends vital data to a central server via wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and wireless local area network (WLAN) and makes this information available to pet owners through interactive dashboards and reports.

The strong willingness of pet owners to provide more comfortable services for their pets has driven the market demand for smart pet boxes and pet beds. They are used to monitor pets' weight, relaxation and activity patterns, and provide climate management. This enables owners to monitor their pet's sleep cycle and manage temperature ranges during rest based on their breed and age.

Pet care is growing in popularity because it enables veterinarians to provide effective treatment. Pet tech devices record a pet's medical history, track vaccinations, gather critical health information, and maintain previous operations and treatments. This enables the physician to identify any abnormalities in the pet's vital health parameters.

Brick-and-mortar pet stores, which allow consumers to check out pet tech products before purchasing them, are growing rapidly. The retailer offers a variety of discounts and product packaging, customized and designed after researching pets. A policy of easy returns and exchanges also allows customers to purchase the highest quality products for their pets.


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