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Bluetooth Positioning Technology in Car Anti-theft and Media Advertisement application

Release date:2022-4-20 2:02:14

Bluetooth advertising, relying on Bluetooth positioning technology, effectively transmits information to the terminal carrier of Bluetooth - mobile phone, some experts call it the "fifth media".

HYXKIOT Bluetooth positioning technology wirelessly transmits multimedia data at a precise distance without any cost in the transmission process. Bluetooth is a low-power short-range wireless transmission technology that effectively simplifies the sending process. As a new media, Bluetooth media can integrate graphics, images, sounds, texts, videos, animations and other information expression methods, and can be perfectly displayed on the terminal mobile phone.

Bluetooth Mobile Ads features as follows:

a) Indoor environment, high customer recognition;

b) It can be selectively placed according to the wishes of advertisers, which is more accurate and flexible;

c) There is no sending cost during the normal operation of the channel, and it is completely free through Bluetooth technology;

d) non-mandatory information;


The industry application of Bluetooth positioning technology as follows:

Hotels: Each lobby or conference room is equipped with this system, which can send the service information of the store, the surrounding overview, the hotel introduction, the surrounding roads of the hotel, the city map, the hotel video publicity, the hotel service telephone, the hotel catering and other information.

Entertainment and fitness: dance halls, karaoke halls, entertainment cities, fitness venues, video studios, clubs, teahouses, amusement parks and other equipment, this system can send local introductions, discount information, feature introductions, promotional information, venue service introductions, venue hand stabs, Introduction of pictures and texts such as road maps around the site and video hand stabs.

Shopping malls and supermarkets: shopping malls, commercial buildings, department stores, supermarkets, wholesale markets, chain stores, etc., equipped with this system, can send local resident business introductions, recommended products, discount information, store celebration information, product names, product video advertisements, product pictures and texts Advertising and other information.

Catering civilization: In restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, chain restaurants and other catering areas, the system can be used to send the restaurant's special dishes, recommended dishes, discounted dishes, electronic menus, service feature books, restaurant introductions, and restaurants. Electronic hand thorn information Wait. The Bluetooth positioning media can perform many functions that other media cannot. The initiative of Bluetooth will surely occupy a place in the future media development.


What is Bluetooth Low Energy positioning?

Bluetooth low energy is the primary goal of low energy consumption, not high data rate, it can reduce energy consumption in many ways, such as reducing the use time of wireless reception devices, reducing advertising scanning channels, sending and accepting small data only when it is turned on packets, etc., so the Bluetooth low energy protocol can quickly establish a network connection, while the energy consumption is usually one hundredth of the traditional Bluetooth version. However, Bluetooth low energy also has some drawbacks, for example, its maximum burst data rate is only 100 kilobits/second, while traditional Bluetooth can reach up to 3 megabits/second. Therefore, when data volume dominates the need for high data rates, using the traditional Bluetooth protocol is more appropriate.

Embedded system designers can decide for themselves the Bluetooth protocol required by the software, and then integrate it with the main processing system. Designing a unique discrete wireless receiver is a very groundbreaking idea, but it will take a lot of time to complete the device. Another option is to choose an existing qualified Bluetooth module, integrate it with the existing design, and embed all the Bluetooth stack into the microcontroller of the receiver host without requiring a high price. Easily set up links and transfer data with a set of easy-to-use programming interfaces connected to the interface bus.

About the term "Bluetooth", everyone must be familiar with it. From computer products to mobile phone products, people are already familiar with it and can't be more familiar with it! Nowadays, the speed of Bluetooth positioning technology is developing rapidly, and it is widely used in the field of cars, becoming a new technical highlight in the car industry!

Such as GPS car navigation system, car anti-theft, car rearview mirror, Bluetooth car mobile phone system, etc. These are indicating the birth and development of a new technological revolution. Nowadays, many mainstream new cars are equipped with GPS vehicle navigation system. In fact, the global satellite navigation system vehicle GPS also has the function of Bluetooth positioning. It can also be used as a "Bluetooth headset" while providing positioning and navigation for the driver, enabling hands-free answering, which greatly facilitates the driver and greatly enhances driving. The security of making and receiving calls on the go. Of course, some car GPS with Bluetooth function can also transmit pictures and files, fully supporting the various needs of Bluetooth users.

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