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Bluetooth module Configuration: Password, Module Name, Baud Rate

Release date:2022-5-7 23:01:23

The Bluetooth module is a module often used in electronic development. It usually uses the serial port protocol to communicate with Bluetooth to complete data transmission. Serial communication is very common and easy to use. Almost all microcontrollers are equipped with serial communication functions.

The Bluetooth module is used for wireless transmission of small amount of data, and it is very convenient to use. However, due to the need for a unified transmission format, such as different baud rates and parity bits, Bluetooth often needs to modify the transmission data format set by itself.

HY-BT102 is a Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode module that supports SPP and BLE data transmission. Configure the Bluetooth module to use AT commands to operate.

First of all, you need a Bluetooth module and a USB to TTL module, as shown below

To use the AT command, you need to know the baud rate of the Bluetooth module, and then you need to enter the AT command mode. When using a serial port, you must know three elements, one is the baud rate, the other is the serial port number, and the third is the data format. The default baud rate of HY-BT102 is 115200, and only one data format is supported: 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity bit, and no flow control.

After the USB to TTL module is inserted into the computer, select the correct serial port number, and after confirming the baud rate, you can directly send AT commands for data query.


1.      Choose the Bluetooth module COM Number(serial port number)

2.      The baud rate must be selected correctly, here is the original mode, so it is 115200.

3.      After the AT command, a line feed is required, and then click the send command to be effective. If there is no line feed, send the command, and the software will only treat them as character.

Modify the Bluetooth Module Name:

For example, modify HY-BT102 module name as “TESTING 1”

Send the command: AT+NAME= TESTING 1

When the serial port feedback “OK”, the module is TESTING 1

HY-BT102 is a Dual-mode module, if we want change the module BLE name, could send the command: AT+LENAME=(PARAM)

Change the password

Send the password as 4321, send the command: AT+SSP=4321, when they feedback “OK”

If we want check the password, we could send the command: AT+SSP

Change Bluetooth Baud rate

When change the baud rate as 921600, we could send the command: AT+BAUD=921600

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