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Bluetooth Mesh Technology in Smart Lighting

Release date:2022-3-3 20:10:38

Bluetooth Mesh technology is essential to meet the complex requirements of smart lighting. Lighting models allow to control the light on/off, brightness, color temperature and hue. Low-power, low-cost and easy-to-network Bluetooth Mesh is the best selection for smart lighting solutions, and it is quickly becoming the wireless communication platform of choice for many control systems.

What’s Bluetooth Mesh?

MESH is a technology of Bluetooth networking, it can build a network with multiple devices and can transmit information to each other, and can directly communicate with the mobile phone.

Bluetooth Mesh lighting can meet daily household needs. The failure of a single device won’t cause the communication system malfunction. Its low power consumption and large-scale device capacity can meet commercial lighting requirements, so we believe it is an ideal lighting solution for smart buildings, smart communities, smart industries and smart cities.

What are advantages for Bluetooth mesh in smart lighting?

1.       Multiple devices networking breaks through the limitations of classic Bluetooth connections.

Bluetooth Mesh optimizes the network flooding communication mechanism to accommodate multiple nodes while maintaining good communication. And the relay of information can be performed between these nodes, the system can avoid communication interruption due to a single point of failure, making it suitable for large-scale cluster-type commercial lighting in shops, classrooms, parking lots, etc.

2.       Low power consumption enables large-scale device networks

When connected to Bluetooth Mesh, the stability of multiple nodes connected to the network remains high. When more devices are connected to the home Bluetooth Mesh, the advantages will be more obvious.

3.       Bluetooth Mesh is easy to build

Users turn on Bluetooth, search for the device in the phone app, when the phone finds a Bluetooth Mesh device on its network, the device automatically connects to the network. This convenient operation mode is more in line with the usage habits of current consumers. In actual home scenarios, networking can be performed without additional gateway configuration, which further reduces the threshold for use and costs.

4.       Low cost

Worldwide shipments of large numbers of Bluetooth devices further reduce the cost of chips and overall solutions, allowing more smart devices to connect to the Bluetooth ecosystem.


What are applications of BLE mesh in smart lighting project?

1.       Smart switches and socket

Smart sockets and switches have built-in bluetooth modules, and function operations are performed through smart phones, such as remote control of the on-off current of the socket through the mobile phone client, setting the timing switch of the socket, etc., so as to realize the control of home appliances, household appliances connected to smart sockets can be remotely controlled to switch at any time and time switch.

2.       RGB LED

RGB LED solution, Bluetooth module is embedded in the driver board,it need to support 5 or more PWM pins.

It is easy for operation,just keep the lights powered on, open the mobile phone LED APP control software, you can connect immediately, intelligently control the on/off, intensity and color of multiple LED lights, and you can also add entertainment functions such as timing, changing with the rhythm of music, and changing colors. Home lighting control is more convenient and fast.


For smart LED application,Shenzhen Huayang Xinke Electronics Co.,Ltd launched HY-BC204,which is a Bluetooth 5.1 low energy module,it support both Master&slave and multiple connections, it is a cost-effective, low-power system-on-chip (SoC) solution for Bluetooth low energy applications, which reduces the cost of building network nodes.


The features of HY-BC204 as follows:

Bluetooth 5.1

Bluetooth profile support: HID, GATT, ATT, GAP

Support Bluetooth SIG Mesh

Support private Mesh

Support one-to-many, multi-connections

Support master mode, master-slave integration

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