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Bluetooth Low Energy for Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Release date:2022-2-22 21:01:31

For the multi-trillion-dollar global retail industry, Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth LE) is still at the edge; but in fact, this low-power short-range wireless technology has shown to improve industrial resilience and help industry intelligence. The important value of digitalization will continue to promote the upgrade of the physical retail experience of consumers and merchants at present and in the future.

The global retail market is expected to grow from nearly $20.3 trillion in 2020 to $22.4 trillion in 2021, according to Research and Markets' "2021 Global Retail Market Report: Impact of COVID-19 and Recovery to 2030" (10.5% CAGR) and grow to $29.3 trillion in 2025 (7% CAGR). In this overall positive trend, what role has Bluetooth low energy played, and what potential can it unleash?

In fact, part of the resilience the retail industry has shown in the pandemic comes from wireless technology. Location services applications, IoT sensors, smart lighting, and more all bring obvious benefits:

  • Provide a rich and engaging user experience
  • Align sales and marketing strategies around real-time consumer information and detailed analytics (rather than just relying on the guesswork of professionals)
  • Timely delivery of the best-selling items
  • Increase the value of transaction and ID processes
  • Ensuring the comfort, convenience and safety of indoor retail spaces in the post-pandemic era


In addition, Bluetooth low energy can support many other applications in the retail industry, such as predictive equipment maintenance, monitoring the amount of available inventory and condition detection, and even warehouse automation and product pricing optimization based on real-time demand.


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