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Bluetooth Location Technology In Smart Home

Release date:2022-4-19 17:25:59

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the comfort, safety and convenience of their living environment. In recent years, smart home system has met people's needs. It builds a home information network in the home environment, combines various home appliances into an organic whole, and performs intelligent control and management of home appliances in a centralized or remote location, and it’s able to exchange information with the outside world.

Due to the excessive wiring and complex methods of wired communication, many hidden dangers in the line, and low comprehensiveness and intelligence, wireless communication is the key point of research in various communication industries in recent years. Wireless transmission technologies mainly include ZigBee, Wi-Fi , Bluetooth positioning and Z-Wave, etc., and Bluetooth control has unique advantages in the smart home system. Its features such as low power consumption, fast transmission, and long distance add to the application of Bluetooth technology in smart homes. With the further development of wireless Bluetooth technology, the continuous expansion of product planning, the increasing maturity of technology and the decline in prices, Bluetooth technology is gradually applied to industrial fields and homes.

Following as Bluetooth location in smart home detail application:

1. Bluetooth positioning in smart home security application

The security system can be divided into three parts: protection alarm system, video surveillance system, and access control system. Using Bluetooth to control the protection alarm can complete real-time detection, meet the user's long-distance monitoring needs, and reduce the false alarm rate.

As a smart home video surveillance system, it includes three main parts - monitoring center, host control, and data processing. Use the Internet to link with the community network, and complete the wireless transmission of the USB network image through Bluetooth, in which the clarity of the network image is the key. The smart camera produced by inPlug has the most complete high-definition camera functions in China, and can clearly see all the conditions in the home. Motion detection on pictures and SMS alarms using GPRS are the most direct applications of the smart home security system.

HYXKIOT's Bluetooth positioning access control system mainly includes two main functions: automatic identification and security management. After the detection of passage targets, the security control of income and expenditure is completed, and real-time monitoring and post-mortem inspection are integrated to identify personnel income and expenditure status. Record. It can also use Bluetooth technology to control the access control through the mobile client. How to control the access control in all directions and in multiple ways is the guarantee of effectively improving the safety factor.

The increasing popularity of Bluetooth location services has created new market demands - improving user experience through proximity solutions, providing users with solutions for item tracking and landmark information. The direction finding function can not only meet this demand, but also bring new possibilities to the Bluetooth positioning system. Positioning system. The positioning system involves complex infrastructure deployment and uses Bluetooth to confirm the location of the device. Today, such systems need to measure the distance between Bluetooth devices in the received signal strength (RSSI) budget system. Through this technology, the positioning system can be accurate to the meter level when confirming the position of a specific device. With the addition of a new direction-finding function, the system can determine the location of the device through both signal strength and direction, and its accuracy can be improved to the centimeter level.

Why is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) ideal for connecting smart devices? Why choose BLE over other connectivity technologies? Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the wireless technology of choice for short data transfers. Compared with other RF standards, its power consumption and hardware cost are relatively low. With such power efficiency and cost-effectiveness advantages, the question should not be "Why BLE?", but "Why not BLE?". The answer is obvious. BLE is the ideal choice for connecting different sensors, peripherals and controls together. How is BLE used in smart homes?

When we talk about the smart home, we're talking about a space where nearly every function becomes a wireless sensor or wireless device: doorbells, light bulbs, light switches, air conditioner thermostats, wall sockets, remote controls, stovetops, and microwaves Such as kitchen utensils, TV, stereo, etc. Everything in a smart home is controlled wirelessly. From the technology itself, BLE is very suitable for connecting these sensors to each other. There is a more important reason is that the use of Bluetooth positioning technology is now ubiquitous. Our mobile phones are basically equipped with Bluetooth function, which means that the mobile phone can seamlessly interact with smart home applications and devices through BLE, allowing users to easily control these devices.

2. Bluetooth positioning in smart home appliances application

Home appliance system in a smart home is generally composed of five parts: smart wear, light control, audio-visual entertainment, smart switches, and smart home appliances. Smart wearable devices refer to independent wearable electronic products such as smart watches and smart phones. Use low-power bluetooth communication technology to detect environmental temperature, humidity, lights and other data, and use wireless transmission technology for security alarms. The Bluetooth light control system uses mobile phones, PDAs, etc. as the control terminal to complete the switch control, color control, and brightness control of the light, and cooperate with the punctuality function to control the light action.

Switching lamps and light sources, it also has the one-key voice function of voice control and smart keys, making the interaction direct and natural. At the same time, it also solves the problem of single live wire taking power without re-opening the wall wiring. With the spread of network technology and automation technology, sporadic and single-function home appliances will be gradually screened, and smart home networks and smart homes will definitely become the mainstream of my country's future development. From the initial Bluetooth data transmission to the widespread use of Bluetooth technology on mobile phones, to the popularity of Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth wireless mice, to the most popular Bluetooth smart home system, the convenience of Bluetooth positioning to people's lives is self-evident, the use of Bluetooth technology in future smart homes will undoubtedly bring more convenience to users.


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