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Bluetooth In Charging Pile Market

Release date:2022-8-1 23:08:46

With the large-scale popularization of new energy vehicles, it is inevitable that charging piles will be widely used as energy supplementary infrastructure for new energy vehicles, just as current fuel vehicles cannot be separated from traditional gas stations. The development of new energy vehicles has entered the "fast lane", but the supporting facilities have not kept up with the increase of new energy vehicles, and most of the charging piles on the market are privately installed, and they are installed in residential parking lots and private parking spaces while other charging piles are installed in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.).

smart charging pile

With the advancement of modern technology, the forms of charging piles are also constantly changing. From the coin-operated charging mode at the beginning, to swiping card charging, scanning code charging, and then to inductive communication, electric vehicle charging piles are also constantly improving. The charging pile equipment using the 4G module has a relatively high cost and requires the support of the mobile network. In some special places, such as basements and other places with weak or no signal, unless a communication base station is installed, the charging pile will be damaged. The use has an impact, which increases the cost of the product. Therefore, the application of Bluetooth BLE technology on the charging pile came into being.

bluetooth charging pile

The low-power Bluetooth charging pile uses BLE technology, uses the mobile phone to scan the QR code of the charging pile, and wakes up the charging pile on the WeChat applet or app; there is also the use of Bluetooth recognition function, the charging pile recognizes the mobile phone user information and automatically wakes up the charging pile.


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