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Bluetooth Dual Mode VS Bluetooth Single Mode

Release date:2022-3-7 21:19:30

Many people's concept of Bluetooth stays on Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth mobile phones, and Bluetooth printers, and they don't know much about other aspects. What do single-mode and dual-mode bodies in Bluetooth mean?


Bluetooth single mode is only compatible with classic Bluetooth (including Bluetooth 0/2.1/2.0/1.2/1.1/1.0, etc.) or Bluetooth BLE (including Bluetooth 5.2/5.1/5.0/4.2/4.1/4.0, etc). Single mode Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) can meet the requirements of ultra-long standby and fast and stable connection for terminal devices with small data transmission, and is widely used in portable devices powered by lithium batteries or button batteries.

HYXKIOT has different types of Bluetooth low energy modules. Dialog DA14531 Module HY-MOD02, it’s a mini BLE module; Nordic nrf52832 chip module HY-KTB523, Master-Slave Module HY-BT401 and cheap module HY-BT01B

Bluetooth dual-mode includes BLE and traditional Bluetooth, which can transmit both audio and data, and meet the needs of high-speed transmission. For audio transmission, you can choose HYXKIOT's Bluetooth audio module HY-BT301. As Bluetooth printers that require high-speed transmission will use SPP protocol transmission, and Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode HY-BT102 can be selected.


How to choose Bluetooth dual mode module or Bluetooth single mode module (BLE Module)?

The dual-mode and single-mode of Bluetooth are not directly related to the mobile phone systems IOS and Android, both of which can support both IOS and Android systems at the same time. It can be selected according to the specific product application. HYXKIOT has different types of Bluetooth modules, including Bluetooth low energy module, Bluetooth audio module, classic Bluetooth dual-mode module. If you have any questions about the Bluetooth module, contact HYXKIOT directly.

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