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Bluetooth Device’s Market Analysis

Release date:2022-4-23 23:49:00

Since the advent of Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth technology has first made headphones, speakers and other devices free from the trouble of connecting cables, bringing changes to the audio field. With the continuous expansion of application scenarios, the key use cases of Bluetooth in the audio field are concentrated in multiple fields such as wireless headphones, wireless speakers, and in-car systems. Among them, wireless earphones are the original wireless audio equipment, and have become a necessary accessory for mobile phones. Wireless speakers expand the sound to any space that is more open and broad, and car Bluetooth is used for hands-free audio transmission and calls to ensure safe driving.

"2022 Bluetooth Market Update" predicts that the shipment of Bluetooth audio transmission equipment will reach 1.4 billion in 2022, and it will climb to 1.8 billion in 2026. The annual shipment will increase by 1.4 times, and the compound annual growth rate will reach 7. %. Among them, in-ear headphones are the main driving force for the growth of headphones. In 2022, the shipment of Bluetooth in-ear headphones will reach 263 million, accounting for 39% of all wireless headphones. Annual shipments of Bluetooth in-ear headphones will triple by 2026, climbing to 619 million units, accounting for 66% of all wireless headphones.

In addition, the use of Bluetooth technology in speakers will continue to expand as the need for greater flexibility and mobility increases. Bluetooth speaker shipments are expected to reach 374 million units in 2022, rising to 425 million units in 2026.

Next-generation Bluetooth audio LE Audio will drive the future with high performance and new features

While the market for Bluetooth audio transmission equipment is growing steadily, the pace of innovation in Bluetooth audio technology is not only not stagnant, but accelerating - the newly introduced LE Audio (low power audio) enhances the performance of Bluetooth audio, supports hearing aids, and adds Adding new capabilities for broadcast audio will undoubtedly create new products and use cases. It can be said that LE Audio will be a new fulcrum for the continuous growth of Bluetooth audio transmission equipment, and it will initiate a new future of Bluetooth audio transmission technology.

LE Audio's technological innovations also enable the birth and enrichment of new audio peripherals. LE Audio's low-power capabilities enable new audio peripherals, such as Bluetooth hearing aids, to be more widely used and can be more flexibly adapted to different form factors. With the application of LE Audio technology, hearing aids that are smaller in size, less intrusive and more comfortable to wear will appear, thereby improving the quality of life of the hearing impaired - according to data, there are currently 500 million people in the world who need hearing aids, By 2050, it is estimated that 2.5 billion people in the world will suffer from different degrees of hearing impairment, and the industrialization of LE Audio will bring good news to reduce or even remove hearing impairment.

In addition, LE Audio will provide people with new and unique audio experiences based on the newly added broadcast audio capabilities. This new feature enables audio source devices (e.g. smartphones) to broadcast one or more audio transmissions to an unlimited number of audio sink devices (e.g. headphones, speakers, hearing aids), which will enhance people to each other and their surroundings The way the environment interacts allows people to listen to clearer sound quality together, or to choose the sound they want to hear the most, so that the auditory senses are sublimated and they gain true hearing "freedom". With the introduction of this broadcast audio, Bluetooth technology will be used in public places, people will interact with audio in a variety of public places and environments, and have an unprecedented experience, more than 60 million locations are expected to deploy Bluetooth broadcast audio and long-term benefits.

In addition, LE Audio will provide better audio performance, LE Audio provides higher audio quality at lower power consumption, enabling audio developers to meet the increasing performance demands of consumers and driving the entire audio peripherals market (head Headphones, in-ear headphones, etc.) continue to grow. Xiaomi is one of the first early adopters of LE Audio. It recently launched the first TWS headset that supports LE Audio. It uses the LC3 codec and works with Xiaomi smartphones, which can effectively reduce the full-link delay of the headset, compared to previous generations. The latency index of wireless headphones has been greatly improved. In addition, because LE Audio's Broadcast Audio technology can realize the audio sharing function, in the future, the member companies of the Bluetooth SIG will be able to use this technology to realize the broadcast-based Bluetooth audio sharing.

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