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Bluetooth Becomes an Important Connection Technology for VR/AR Devices

Release date:2022-8-26 5:05:10

Apple has reportedly filed for a new patent that is a bit like a glove that could be used for gesture control and, in some cases, provide haptic feedback. According to Apple's patent description, it wants to develop a device that attaches to the fingertip, has sensors on the device, and supports haptic feedback. Attached to the fingers on the back of the hand, sensors can detect motion and provide some form of tactile feedback. The ring can be worn on the tip of the finger and held in place by the fingernail, so that it is possible to determine whether one finger or multiple fingers are involved in the interaction. Information is fed back to a control unit on the back of the hand, which is then connected to a computer.

 Bluetooth for VR VR devices

Apple's designs are primarily intended for use in VR and AR environments, but can also be used in other contexts, such as scenes like those in the movie Minority Report. Cameras can detect visible markers or sensors on the device to track palm position; device sensors can collect palm or individual finger position data to improve accuracy so that palms can interact with projected scenes or interfaces.


As a wireless connection for the Internet of Everything, Bluetooth® Low Energy (or Bluetooth® LE, BLE) is a personal area network technology designed and marketed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group for use in healthcare, sports and fitness. Beacon, security, home entertainment and other fields of emerging applications. Compared with classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy technology aims to significantly reduce power consumption and cost while maintaining the same communication range. Due to low power consumption, it is often used in various common wearable devices and IoT devices. The coin cell battery can be used for months to years, is small in size, low in cost, and compatible with most existing mobile phones, tablets and computers.


Bluetooth enables low-power connectivity and basic data transfer for VR/AR devices without the complexity of using other wireless standards, enabling the development of Bluetooth devices that are compact in size, have long battery life, and can seamlessly connect to smartphones.

The Bluetooth BLE protocol can be perfectly applied to VR/AR devices for the following reasons:

The protocol is carefully optimized for ultra-low power consumption.

Low power consumption helps reduce battery size, thereby reducing product cost, size and weight.

This protocol is easy to implement due to the BLE smart-ready host in the smartphone.

Wearables exchange small bursts of information over long time intervals.

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