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Bluetooth Beacons in Smart Scenic Spots Application

Release date:2022-5-31 1:41:42

The Bluetooth beacon is installed in the corresponding position of the scenic spot and can continuously send out broadcasts. The broadcast information can include the current location information and the scenic spot introduction information. Combined with the Bluetooth gateway or mobile phone terminal to realize the intelligent application of location information (especially indoors), the following are Detailed introduction of HYXKIOT Bluetooth beacon solution provider:

smart scenic spots

Tourist Side:

location information

1. Open the scenic APP, you can locate the current location and share it with friends, it is easier to gather with friends,

2. When friends receive your location information, they can navigate directly there, no need to describe the iconic signs and tell the route that is not clear.

3. If you want to know the routes you have taken in the scenic spot, you can open the trajectory information, and you can clearly check the routes you have taken and what the trajectory is like.

4. If you think of another place in the scenic spot to play or look for a public toilet, just navigate there.


Scenic spot information

When you arrive at any location, the audio explanation of the corresponding scenic spots will pop up in the background.

Shake on WeChat, you can shake out the brief introduction of the exhibits and understand the details of the exhibits


Scenic spot:

location information:

1. The background data can understand the heat map of tourists in each scenic spot, so as to analyze the situation of the scenic spot and make corresponding delivery or adjustment

2. Understand the location of the staff in each scenic spot, which can facilitate the assignment and management of work


Smart scenic spots allow tourists to quickly and easily obtain information on scenic spots, make decisions on play plans, find location information, etc., and enjoy better autonomous services. In scenic spots, they can grasp the information of tourists’ activities in the scenic spot and personnel management in time, and monitor and data through public opinion monitoring and data. Analyze and dig out tourist hotspots and tourist interest points, so as to plan products corresponding to the scenic spot, formulate the corresponding theme of the scenic spot, and promote the development of the scenic spot. 

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