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Bluetooth Beacon in Smart Building Cloud Patrol Application

Release date:2022-5-25 20:23:19

What is the technical principle of Cloud Patrol?

The mobile phone patrol is to install the patrol terminal APP on the mobile phone of the patrol personnel, and install the QR code, Bluetooth beacon and other patrol points on the patrol position, using the mobile phone patrol APP to scan the patrol points, and upload the patrol information in real time. , if there are missed inspections, it will be reported to the management personnel.

Bluetooth smart building

What are the advantages of cloud patrol?

1.       Improve management and reduce cost

The mobile phone patrol App is installed on the personal mobile phone, there is no need to purchase additional inspection hardware products, and there is no after-sales maintenance problem of the inspection. Inspectors will use the Patrol Rod rudely because of their resistance, and the problem of high after-sales maintenance rate and difficult management occurs. The system inspection operation is simple, and the inspection can be started by opening the App, saving personnel training costs.

2.       Improve work efficiency

The system supports photographing and text recording of event failures, and feedback on problems is more intuitive. It automatically generates inspection tasks and supports the export of inspection reports to help managers improve work efficiency.

3.       Anti-cheating

The MAC of the Bluetooth beacon patrol point is unique. The patrol personnel must arrive at the patrol point and scan it through the mobile phone APP to check in. Avoid the traditional use of form check-in, easy to cheat, difficult to manage, and easy to damage the patrol stick.

4.       Data cloud storage is not lost

After uploading data through the inspection APP, the data is stored on the server (or cloud server) designated by the property and encrypted, and can be retrieved at any time as an important basis for attendance.


Scope of application: It is suitable for fire prevention, anti-theft and security inspections in smart buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, buildings, factories, mines, enterprises and institutions in smart parks.

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