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Bluetooth Asset Management System –Tracking and Management

Release date:2022-5-13 19:58:35

In asset management, there are unclear financials, unclear equipment, idle waste, and inexplicable reduction of assets... Using Bluetooth asset intelligent management, it is easy to understand the current position of assets, movement trajectory, inventory, and realize the informatization, standardization and standardization of fixed asset management.

Bluetooth asset management places Bluetooth tags or Bluetooth beacons fixed on assets and deploys Bluetooth gateways in the surrounding environment. HYXKIOT's HY-KTB806 has intelligent light sensing + mechanical anti-disassembly function, which can be placed on fixed assets to prevent malicious disassembly. The Bluetooth tag /Bluetooth beacon on the fixed asset sends out a Bluetooth broadcast, and the broadcast contains the MAC address. The Bluetooth beacon and the asset are bound one-to-one through the unique MAC address; the Bluetooth gateway scans the Bluetooth tag/Bluetooth beacon broadcast, and judge the area where the fixed asset is located according to the received signal strength; the Bluetooth gateway transmits the data to the server through Ethernet or WIFI or 4G, and the background software connects to the server to check the asset status, the current location of the asset, storage, storage, Repository transfer, move, loss... The information is clear at a glance.

Real-time inventory:Bluetooth tags/Bluetooth beacons broadcast according to a certain frequency, so assets can be inventoryed in real time.

Regional positioning:Through the signal strength of the Bluetooth tag/Bluetooth beacon received by the Bluetooth gateway, the regional positioning of the asset can be performed.

Electronic fence:If the Bluetooth tag/Bluetooth beacon leaves the designated area, the background will send an alarm signal in time. (Bluetooth gateway cannot scan the corresponding beacon).

Asset management composition:Hardware: Bluetooth gateway + Bluetooth tag or Bluetooth beacon; Software: management system + server

HYXKIOT’s Gateway

HYXKIOT’s Bluetooth tag HY-KTB806

Management system

1.      Support PoE power supply or power adapter power supply;

2.      Support IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b protocols;

3.      Support Bluetooth®4.2/5.0;

4.      Integrated Bluetooth PA/LNA;


6.      One WAN/LAN adaptive port;

7.      The supported Bluetooth filtering methods include Bluetooth name filtering, signal strength filtering, and MAC address filtering.

8.      Background communication mode support: UDP, TCP and MQTT

1.      ultrasonic welding

2.      Comes with double anti-disassembly switch: intelligent light sensor + mechanical

3.      Reading distance up to 100 meters

4.      Beacon parameters can be flexibly configured through the mobile APP

5.      Support BLE4.2/5.0 protocol

6.      Ultra-low power consumption, standby time up to 3 years

7.      Small and lightweight

8.      Easy installation: 3M double-sided tape

9.       IP66 waterproof

1.      Inventory information

2.      positioning information

3.      Movement track information

4.      Over-area alarm

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