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BLE module in vehicle PEPS

Release date:2022-2-25 23:01:22

Vehicle entry system has developed from the original mechanical key to the remote control system. With the wide application of radio frequency identification technology and the demand of the automobile market, it has become an inevitable trend to replace the remote control entry system by the keyless entry system.


What is PEPS?

PEPS is Passive Entry Passive Start.It means that user only needs to be near the car without having to remove the key or smart card. The wake-up mode in the in-vehicle RFID transceiver is activated by simply pulling the driver's door handle. At this point, the RFID transceiver scans the surrounding area to identify and look for the specific ID code of the RFID chip embedded in the key or smart card. Once found, the security algorithm will determine whether the chip is legitimate and decide whether to open the door, thus improving the user's ease of entering the vehicle.

PEPS system is composed of a controller, a radio frequency (RF) transmitter in the smart key, and a receiver on the car side. Its working principle is to deploy antennas in different areas of the car to detect the position of the transmitter. When the smart key is in the When within the programmed distance range, functions such as door unlocking or locking can be realized. The workflow is shown in the following figure:

1. The owner brings the key to the side of the car and tells the car that I want to unlock it by pulling the door handle or pressing the button. At this time, the door handle/button sends the activation signal to the low frequency antenna;

2. The low-frequency antenna sends out a low-frequency trigger signal;

3. The smart key receives the low frequency trigger signal, and then sends out the high frequency unlock signal;

4. The RFR receives the high frequency unlocking signal and informs the vehicle to unlock.


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