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BLE module in smart home application

Release date:2022-2-21 19:05:40

As one of the most common wireless communication technologies, Bluetooth has been widely used in smart wearables, digital products, smart homes, vehicle systems, security equipment, remote control and other products.

Small-sized, low-power, high-performance wireless modules bring ubiquitous connectivity to the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing sensor data to quickly collect data from more terminal devices, and transmit data to the Internet through transparent transmission. The cloud and server side allow users to obtain accurate production and management data in real time, and optimize the entire system based on this. In the field of Internet of Things, smart home is a very typical application environment.

The following are typical application scenarios of BLE Bluetooth modules in smart homes:

1.       Smart lock

Smart door lock based on BLE module, in the existing electronic door lock, adding a low-power bluetooth module, users can unlock and control the door lock through the APP of the smartphone, without the need for cumbersome door cards and keys, more intelligent Convenient. It is suitable for home, hotel, homestay and other environments; users can remotely register the tenant through the mobile APP, generate a password to open the door lock, and send it to the tenant's mobile phone through SMS; guests can open the cloud lock through the password and enter the room to view the room Or check-in, the password will expire after the lease term is reached, and the tenant will complete the cancellation and payment.

2.       Smart lights

Smart light based on bluetooth module, adding BLE bluetooth module to the LED light, users can control the switch, brightness, color and mode of the LED light through the APP of the smartphone; it can realize one-to-one, one-to-many, multiple For the multi-level control mode, you only need to install an APP on the mobile phone to realize the intelligent control of the light more convenient and flexible, and support the remote control device at the same time. It is suitable for home, hotel, office environment, coffee shop and other environments; as long as the LED light is powered on, and then cooperate with the APP, you can control the LED light through the smartphone, so as to realize the remote control of the brightness, color, switch and scene of the LED light Manipulate.

3.       Environmental detection

Environmental detection based on BLE module, built-in BLE module temperature and humidity meter, BLE module collects temperature and humidity data in real time, and uploads the data through the bluetooth gateway, users can view the data directly on the mobile APP, and use the mobile phone The air purifier issues control commands to adjust temperature and humidity. It can realize one-to-one, one-to-many and other data collection modes. Just install an APP on the mobile phone to realize the temperature and humidity data collection and air conditioning of each room. Suitable for households, shopping malls, museums, offices, hospitals, confinement centers, nursing homes and other environments that require indoor air. The intelligent environment detection based on the BLE Bluetooth module automatically helps the indoor air quality through the detection of high and low values.

4.       Smart Curtains

The smart curtain based on the BLE module connects the circuit to the traditional curtain, converts the household voltage into a DC low voltage to supply power to the BLE Bluetooth control module, and controls the working state of the motor in the circuit through the BLE module. Users can open and close the curtains through the smartphone APP. It is suitable for environments that are sensitive to light, such as homes, offices, hospitals, confinement centers, and nursing homes. Smart curtains based on BLE bluetooth module, by combining the motor with the track, the installation is simpler, the operation is simpler, the appearance is more beautiful, and the service life is longer.

BLE module refers to a module that supports Bluetooth protocol 4.0 or higher. The biggest feature is the reduction of cost and power consumption. It is applied to products with high real-time requirements but low data rate, such as: remote control (mouse, keyboard) ), data transmission from sensing devices (heartbeat belt, sphygmomanometer, temperature sensor), etc. Compared with traditional Bluetooth technology, a new function added by Bluetooth low energy technology is the "broadcast" function. With this feature, the slave device can tell that it needs to send data to the master device.Following as Shenzhen Huayang Xinke Electronics Co.,Ltd’s BLE module selections:

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