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BLE Module in Smart Curtain Application

Release date:2022-3-25 16:00:58

Bluetooth module has many applications in smart homes, such as smart light control, smart washing machines, smart refrigerators, smart range hoods, smart curtains, etc. Let’s take smart curtains as an example. The privacy of the room, likewise, also has the functions of fire prevention, wind resistance, dust removal, warmth retention, noise reduction, heat insulation, radiation protection, UV protection, etc. The previous curtains were manually opened, but the current smart curtains can be realized by radio frequency technology. Remote control, or program control, so that you can lie on the bed, and voice control can control the curtains. Second, you can set the trigger conditions for opening and closing to form automatic smart curtains


What are the Bluetooth function requirements of smart curtains?

1. Data transmission, the amount of data is not large, but the timeliness requirements are relatively high, in order to meet the user experience;

2. Low power consumption design does not rule out the need for battery power supply, so low power consumption needs to be satisfied;

3. The data transmission distance is short, generally within 100 meters.


HYXK’s HY-KTB523 is a long range BLE module, based on Nordic chip nRF52832, with low power consumption, support Bluetooth mesh, it’s suitable for smart curtain application.

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