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BLE Module in Electronic Toothbrush Application

Release date:2022-4-2 21:03:11

The electric toothbrush need record the brushing area, action, brushing posture, strength, time and other information and view and analyze it on the mobile APP. In addition to the sensor, it also needs a low-power Bluetooth module. Why is a Bluetooth module instead of a Wi-Fi module? Because the low-power Bluetooth module has low power consumption, can respond quickly and establish a connection, and is suitable for the transmission of small amounts of data, the amount of data that the electric toothbrush needs to transmit is also small.

Download the electric toothbrush APP on the mobile phone, search for the Bluetooth of the electric toothbrush and establish a connection, the mobile phone Bluetooth is transmitted through the link with the electric toothbrush Bluetooth, and the relevant information of the electric toothbrush is transmitted to the APP, and the APP organizes and analyzes the data, which can realize the following functions:

1.   Automatically monitor the user's brushing area, action and brushing posture

2.   The mobile APP presents and scores the brushing behavior including brushing strength, time, brushing range, degree of completion, etc., and promptly reminds and corrects improper brushing actions. Generate a personal oral care database, and give users scientific brushing suggestions based on the recorded data

3.    Record the number of times the brush head is used, the time of use, the reminder of brush head replacement, and the remaining power of the toothbrush

The low-power Bluetooth module HY-KTB522 developed by HYXKIOT is based on Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52832 SoC chip, which is powerful, highly flexible, and ultra-low power consumption. HY-KTB522 with FPU 32-bit processor, embedded 2.4GHz transceiver and Arm® Cortex®-M4 with integrated antenna, it provides a complete RF solution without additional RF design for faster time to market. The HY-KTB522 leverages the features and peripherals of the nRF52832 to power demanding applications while simplifying design and reducing BOM cost.

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