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Application of Bluetooth Beacon in Tunnel System

Release date:2022-3-4 22:31:34

Tunnel construction site is a place with frequent safety accidents. Due to the large flexibility and high mobility of construction site personnel, it is difficult to supervise in real time, which makes tunnel construction enterprises face huge management difficulties and has always been a blind spot in their management work.

For the management of the tunnel system, Shenzhen Huayang Xinke Electronics Co., Ltd launched a combination of Bluetooth gateways and positioning beacons to locate construction workers in real time, check attendance, and master their whereabouts. In case of emergencies, they can quickly determine the location and carry out rescue. Bluetooth beacons are installed in the tunnel, and personnel wear positioning tags. The tunnel system using Bluetooth gateway and positioning tag can achieve the following functions:

1.       Real-time location

The location of the person wearing the positioning tag (Bluetooth beacon, Bluetooth tag, Bluetooth bracelet) can be viewed in real time

2.       Historical track

It can play back the movement trajectory of the personnel in the specified time period, and there are traces to check.

3.       Electric fence

When the construction personnel enter the dangerous area beyond their own authority or marked danger area, they will give an alarm and cross-border warning.

4.       Standstill alarm

When the construction personnel are in a static state for more than a certain time, a background alarm will be given, and timely treatment will be given when the construction personnel are in a coma.

5.       Statistics

Count the real-time total number of people in each work area and the total number of people in the historical period (including personnel information).

6.       One-click SOS


Gateway+Bluetooth location beacon can not only be applied to tunnels, but also to high-speed rail maintenance, high-risk area operations, etc. For more information on Bluetooth gateways, location tags and related solutions, please contact our sales team: info@hyxkiot.com

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