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4 work modes of Bluetooth Low Energy Module

Release date:2022-1-14 21:02:41

With the development of science and technology, more and more BLE products have begun to appear in our lives. There are four common working modes of BLE modules:

1. Central mode

Shenzhen Huayang Xinke Electronics Co., Ltd Bluetooth low energy module supports central mode. The Bluetooth module in the central mode can search for surrounding devices and select the peripheral to be connected to connect. Data can be sent and received. After disconnection, automatic reconnection is supported.


2. Peripheral Mode

The Bluetooth module working in this mode can only be searched by the central, and cannot be actively searched. After the peripheral device is connected to the host, it can also send and receive data with the central device. HYXK has an ultra-low power BLE 5.1 module HY-BTMOD02. This module has a built-in ceramic antenna. The mini Bluetooth low energy module can fit different Bluetooth product designs.


3. Broadcast Mode

In this mode, the BLE module can broadcast one-to-many. Users can set the data broadcasted by the module through AT commands, and the module can continuously broadcast in low-power mode, which is used in applications with extremely low power consumption, small data volume, and one-way transmission, such as beacons, billboards, Indoor positioning, material tracking, etc. HYXK has HY-MOD02 and BY-BT401 programs that can support broadcast mode.


4. Mesh networking mode

In this mode, multiple modules can be simply added to the network. Using star network and relay technology, each network can be connected to more than 65,000 nodes, and the network and the network can also be interconnected. Connect or directly control via mobile phone or tablet. And no gateway is required, even if one device fails, it will skip and select the nearest device for transmission. The entire networking process only requires the device to be powered on and set a communication password to automatically form a network, truly realizing simple interconnection.

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